Mudder Training

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I have to say Mudder racing is one of my many passions in life!  It all started in 2012 with my first Tough Mudder race in Whistler, B.C…I was hooked.  I loved the mountain running mixed with all the crazy obstacles and of course the mud! It gave me a sense of freedom running around in the mountains and playing like a kid. From there, I convinced my peeps to jump on board and we created Mel’s Mudders.  Since then, we have done many local races, such as Mud, Sweat & Tears and the Mud Mulisha.  In 2015 Mel’s Mudders decided to up our game and we traveled to SunPeaks to conquer the SPARTAN Beast and Ultra Beast.  Because we like to torture ourselves, we went back to the Spartan race in 2016 and will be taking it on again in 2017. All this training has evolved into the Island Trail Series which was amazing in getting us ready for Spartan.  After every race, as hard as it is,  I come out a better person and the friendships I have formed over these races, is what I love about Mudder racing!

Mel’s Mudder’s train every Saturday morning!  You will know its Mudder-time because as you approach the gym, you will see equipment set up simulating many of the Mudder obstacles; a weaving path under tape a.k.a. “barbed-wire”, up and over boxes “log-jam”, we carry sand filled bags up hills “ log-carry”, climb over a wall “ Berlin Wall”, rope climbs and ring work “ funky monkey”, jumping in Look Out Lake in January “ Arctic Enema” ; there are sled pushes and pulls, tire flipping & dragging and so much more.  There is a good chance your gonna get dirty, so dress for it. Class goes, rain or shine!  Check with me for the next upcoming Mudder race and join our team!

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